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CCS NetworkHey all a quick update on the progress of CCS 1.0.5 and some explanation of the new HUD System we're introducing with CCS 1.0.5 as part of the feature updates.

The new CCS HUD is developed to take up as little screen real estate as possible while docking with the top and left side of the SL viewer screen, making it a seamless addition to the SL viewer view, without creating a blind spot to the left or right of the screen as the current CCS HUD does. It also has a fully retractable RP Tools drawer which will not leave a ghost prim behind after you close it, so you will not consistently click the transparent drawer that you cannot see. New advances in LSL have allowed us to integrate this kind of functionality with very little lag.

Most of the features of the HUD are completely recognizable as elements that have been part of the CCS HUD since way back in 2006. But some new elements are there as well. The shapes at the top are the new language neutral CAPTCHA system the buttons with the shapes are the answers. There is another field on the HUD that will randomly show you an image with a shape on it. Choosing the shape on the buttons answers the challenge and requires no dialog menus or chat notices whatsoever. When you see a shape in the challenge window, you simply click the corresponding answer on your HUD, and the shape in the challenge window will then go away, indicating that you have successfully answered the system. We feel this system is simple and secure and does not confuse users with dyslexia or users who do not speak English as a second language. Its small, fast and easy to deal with, and we hope it makes the situation more convenient for our users rather than having to deal with scanning your chat buffer for the number that was asked for and clicking an annoying drop down window.

As you may know we're currently in beta testing trying to ensure we're able to use high level encryption to protect CCS and the CCS API from illegitimate usage by people who have a mind to try to cheat to win. We're gathering a lot of data from our first round of testers and making adjustments and fixing things that aren't quite working as planned based on the feedback they're giving. We expect we will be adding a new round of beta testers soon, as we update the current code base and add in fixes for bugs they are reporting, so be on the look out for an invitation to the beta test group.

So just a heads up on the development in progress! Hope to have all this stuff in your hot little hands as soon as possible!
CCS NetworkIt might be because over the last two months of us notifying people over and over about the new payment system and ensuring that people got new units and everything got swapped over for the August 1st transition, a lot of sims appear to have completely not gotten the news and they may be inactive as of this time as all sims that have gone beyond 7 days in arrears on payment are now deactivated.

So if your sim isn't online, please feel free to contact me, or She Juniper, or Iliana Shabazz or Naline Yoshikawa in regards to attempting to get up to speed on the addition of the New Payment System to your sim. A few quick exchanges and everything will come back online without any issue.

Any sim that has not sorted out their deactivation by September 1st will be purged from the CCS system and there is a potential risk that your enhanced XP License upgrade could be rendered null and void unless you have a license key on record with CCS Administration that we can easily check in our records.

So please feel free to contact me or She Juniper or Iliana Shabazz or Naline Yoshikawa to sort out any issues with a region you run that you have found no longer CCS active.

Have a great day!
CCS NetworkHey all, tomorrow is August 1st and the New Payment System we started distributing on the 17th of June will go live for all CCS regions.

A few things to keep in mind.

1.) Its a new system so we'll need to do some tweaking as it goes live.
2.) If you paid into August on the old CCS payment system, we will need you to contact us so we can set up the appropriate payment days in August for your sim. (Please contact us AFTER August 1st).
3.) If your sim deactivates and has no CCS service, please contact us so we can determine if you are registered with the New Payment System, it is possible that somehow in the last month and a half you missed all the notices and news about the New Payment System.
4.) If your sim deactivates but you do have the New Payment System registered, the sim in question may have the wrong owner assigned (the system auto-selected sim owners based on admin status) we've done our best over the last month to ensure we've manually checked questionable assignments and assigned the right owners to the right regions, but there could be some issues in that area, just contact me or She Juniper or Maldoror Bowman and we will be more than happy to assist you.
5.) If you are paying for your region via Paypal and have not, as yet, contacted me to confirm your Paypal payment email with me, you may need to do so to ensure that we have your database payment settings set correctly.
6.) Paypal payments are still accepted and if you are paying via Paypal, you are not required to use the New Payment System at all, the New Payment System is for Linden Dollar payments only.
7.) Some sim nick names on the database have been shortened to prevent an error with the current New Payment System dialogs, we will be making an update to the New Payment System soon and it will be available via the SL Marketplace.

Overall, there may be some hiccups as we transition over to the new system but all it takes to fix those is to communicate with CCS Administration and we'll be happy to sort out whatever the problem is. Once we get through the intial transition hump here, there should not be any problem whatsoever.

Also I must stress here that if you have not contacted me for a New Payment System in the last month and a half, and you are not paying your system access via Paypal, your sim will deactivate on the network as of August 7th, 2012. All sims found inactive on September 7th, 2012, will be fully removed from the CCS system. So even if you go inactive and don't notice, you will have a month to sort the situation out with us, any sim that has not, will be removed from the servers.

Thanks all, and lets get through tomorrow patiently and hopefully with as few errors as possible. But don't worry if there is an error, we'll fix it, just have to contact us and let us know what your problem is.
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