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CCS NetworkHey all just as a heads up, we've removed the delete button from player profiles.

The reasoning for this is to eliminate an exploit that some no-life individual has been using on occasion to delete 30 or 40 peoples CCS records. Its not occurred too often, but its occurred often enough for us to design a couple different methods of addressing it.

We did create a password protection system for your profile, but we decided that would confuse people, and they wouldn't understand why their profile was asking them to set a password. Also adding a password field for your profile just adds something else for someone to try to hack into, so we decided to just remove the delete function entirely.

Most players don't need that function, low level players that aren't sure what race they want to be might use it on occasion, but if a low level player needs their record deleted so they can try a different race, then they can ask a GM to do that. Players that no longer wish to play CCS can simply stop playing CCS, no reason to delete the record.

And overall it stops a low tech URL string exploit from putting people's data at risk.

To explain, the process of someone deleting your record from your profile is a fairly indepth process that requires someone to spend a lot of time to get a certain piece of data, then then use a web browser and use a profile link, put your name in and your CCS ID data into it, and it allows them to access your profile. And thats the reason why its only 30 or 40 people at best any time it occurs, it takes a fair amount of time for the exploiter to get it done.

Last night we had another of these URL manipulation attacks hit 30 or so players, we restored all records immediately to their state prior to deletion so no player data has been lost.

And now some malcontent can't just pull up your profile and delete you either and it takes a lot less development work than creating some kind of wild dynamic unique ID that changes every time you query our server, which would cost more time than its really worth with the other projects we're currently invested in.

So, no more delete button on your profile, if you need your record deleted, contact a local GM for the sim you're in. Thank you.
CCS NetworkJust to ensure everyone is aware of the status of development of the Community Combat System I figured I'd do a quick news update to give people an idea of our intended road map for the system over the next year.

First of all we've been working on CCS 1.0.5 and there are beta units in testing and play out in the general network as of this time. The testers are providing us with plenty of feedback in regards to potential faults or bugs in the deployment candidate and we're doing our best to ensure this next meter update is completely solid and bug free, providing Linden Labs doesn't break another LSL operator somewhere in the next 12 months.

The are a few reasons for the long delay on this update, the first being that we want to solidify and finalize all the features of CCS as it is now in the CCS 1.0.5 meter release so the game experience continues to be as efficient and fun to play as possible for all our users. There has also been a few recent additions to the LSL scripting language that we're currently adapting the 1.0.5 version of the meter around to ensure better efficiency and security. And also we are taking our time with this release so we can pretty much freeze CCS 1.0.5 as the final version of the Community Combat System as it is currently designed.

Our development road map for after CCS 1.0.5 is fairly in-depth. We intend to immediately address the situation with the CCS 3rd Party API Development market by finalizing API 3.0 as our next major step in the development process, and it will become our next development priority after the CCS 1.0.5 release.

It is my intention, once we have finalized CCS 1.0.5 and API 3.0 as completely sanded off and as bug free as possible, to declare the Community Combat System as it is currently as a final product. This means that other than addressing exploits or faults in the game balance, we will do no further development of the Community Combat System beyond the 1.0.5 meter release and the API 3.0 update.

This does not mean that we are going to call it a day and sit around doing nothing though.

In 2009 I roughed out a very rough development document that revolved around the idea of an RPG that would succeed CCS as the next chapter of Second Life game development for this design team. With the upcoming release of the Linden Lab Game Development Kit, it is my intent to focus fully on making that system I saw a reality.

I realize that many people do not understand why development takes as long as it does. And why CCS2 was not already completed, but the demands of the gigantic network of players and sims under CCS as it currently is has constantly required my attention since the end of 2009 when I roughed out the plan for CCS2, and with our small development team, it simply has not been feasible to work the CCS2 project while attempting to cater to the current CCS project as responsibly as possible.

So effectively, once we've released CCS 1.0.5, be on the look out for API 3.0 not too long after that. And after both are released and shown to be working as intended, you may not hear much from the CCS Development Team until the CCS2 beta starts.

CCS is a great system, with a great player base, but it is well past time to advance the concept. And to continue maintaining CCS development at the rate we've maintained it over the last five years would simply keep CCS2 from happening at all. And it is my belief that CCS2 will address the inequities and imbalances of the CCS system, which was never designed with the level of success its had in mind, and allow role play development of characters in a more free form manner where levels no longer matter and its the skill of character design and understanding how your design works that truly makes the difference in who your character is "in" CCS2, and how that character plays.

So thats basically the plan. I'm not abandoning CCS at all, so please do not get that impression, but theres a time when you have to step back and declare something as done as it can possibly be, and the only way to improve on it will be to rebuild it entirely from the ground up.

CoLA residents and players can expect something of the same in regards to a redesign and recommitting of time and resources to refining the CoLA community experience as well, with not only a new mesh build, but many improvements in regards to how the city is structured and refocus on our story and lore as the basis for our communities foundation.

So thats pretty much my intentions. With the time that myself, Melanie and Maldoror have, my intention is to move forward, rather than continue to spin our wheels in the same place, as we have for several years now.

As per my statements when I first revealed my plans for CCS2, CCS will always stay available for communities that prefer to use it, and CCS records will not be reset in any way. All players will retain everything they have gained over the time they have played.

So in final, CCS 1.0.5 and API 3.0 is for you, our players and sim owners. CCS2 is for us, so we can once again push out the envelope of what Second Life can do, and perhaps you all will like it too, once we've got it finished, and you've gotten to see the vision I had two years ago.

Thanks all, appreciate your patience and your support!
CCS NetworkHey all we've spent a good amount of years attempting to filter through the issues CCS has by ear/word of mouth/randomly helpful forum post and largely as the system gets older, larger and has more players it gets harder to relevantly identify actual bugs and balance issues over the general white noise of player base opinions.

So in that effort we've removed the CCS Bugs/Suggestions forum....because it simply was not helpful. If you wish to simply discuss how you feel about CCS you can use the CCS General Discussion Forum to do so.

But for bugs and suggestions we've now implemented Mantis Bug Tracker into the website, allowing for more accurate reporting of bugs and issues with the CCS system which will allow us to actually track the issues with the system more effectively and address bugs and issues that actually have good reporting data in regards to them, rather than continuing to try to work out what the issues are amidst a stream of arguments and opinions.

You can access the new CCS BugTracker by clicking the link here in this news post. Or you can find the CCS BugTracker available under the Community Combat System menu on the main page.

Only registered site member may use the BugTracker. And please keep in mind that reporting a new issue and simply typing "CCS R BROKE MY XPS" into the description field is not going to end up getting a resolution. We need as much data as you can give us on what the problem is. So please provide the following data when reporting issues.

    Helpful Reporting Data:
  • Your SL/CCS Player name, and the names of any other players that experienced the bug when it occurred.
  • What the bug appeared to do, a descriptive account of what occurred and how it occurred and the consequences of its occurrence.
  • Please supply, if you can, a method of reproducing the bug you are reporting. If you have encountered a bug, please attempt to reproduce it again so you can tell us exactly how you made it happen. This helps immensely in regards to allowing us to focus on what parts of the system may be responsible for the problem you are experiencing.
  • Please supply the Second Life viewer version you are using, this will not always be relevant but can help us to determine if there is an issue with a viewer as compared to other viewers if any arise.
  • DO NOT report bugs with CCS 3rd Party Developer weapons on this tracker. Bugs with API Developer Weapons should be reported to the designer themselves, this system is only for tracking and attempting to more accurately identify bugs with the CCS system itself.
  • DO NOT report "cheaters" via the CCS BugTracker, as that is not the purpose of this tracking system. If you suspect someone is cheating please contact your local GM staff in the sims you're in or a member of the CCS administrative staff.
  • You may use the CCS BugTracker to report perceived issues with CCS combat mechanical balance issues, but keep in mind that these reports will not be treated with the same level of importance as actual bug reports, they will be assigned to me or Melanie to review in hand with the system's overall balance and will be applied during system updates if found to be relevant reports.

Hopefully with this new system in place we'll actually be able to drill down and solidify our view on system affecting issues so we can more respond to bugs and issues with the system more efficiently.

Also in regards to CCS 1.0.5 there are test meters in play, we've eliminated several reported bug issues but there are a couple that are still outstanding that we need to work on. So now would be the time to get some practice with the CCS BugTracker, if you want to give us any data you may have on bug or balance issues for the next upcoming release!

Thanks all. Appreciate your time.
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