CCSHey all, the 3.0 beta API has been distributed to Black Operations, Messer Company, NGA and Breach as of this time today.

Its now time to start talking to the user base about what API 3.0 does, and how it is going to affect the CCS game in total in the near future.

Its been an ongoing dilemma with the CCS weapons market for many years now, as the players have leveled through the game, the weapon development companies attempt to increase their effectiveness to stay competitive within the median average level of the game. In some cases these experiments in staying effective have produced some wildy out of standard weaponry.

Over the last six years the CCS development team has had to work with multiple developers in attempting to get weapons pulled back down to sane damage and effect standards in response to concerns from the player base.

API 3.0 is all about making that entire problem a moot issue from here on out. And while it is going to change the weapons you own and how "powerful" they are, you must understand that these changes will be equal amongst all weapon developers and no weapon developer in the system can develop above the hard coded ceiling in the new API. This means while it seems like weapons you've bought have become "less useful" the point of this API change is to ensure that the weapons stay "effective" without allowing any one weapon in CCS be absolutely dominant in CCS combat over other types of weapons.

This has been a long development process, attempting to come up with a solid solution and answer that is both fair to our partner developers and fair to the players that play CCS and purchase weapons from those developers. But we are now nearing completion and should be rolling over to API 3.0 here soon after we get our beta development feedback from the developers we've shared the beta API package with.

It has always been my belief that weapons should sell based on their quality, not based on what the API does, the API should be that extra kick that makes a weapon that suits a particular users style more attractive to use, and not the sole reason someone uses a specific weapon in total.

API 3.0 achieves this reduction of "enhancement priority" forcing people towards whatever weapon is currently "the best" for damage output and CCS combat dominance and allows all our developers to provide weapons that all function in their own variant and different ways, but are all bound under the same development limitations.

So this isn't exactly a "universal nerf" of all CCS weapons, but a total balance of all CCS weapons and with that we also gain quite a few more things with the new API.

The new API is far more secure than API 2.5, unlike API 2.5, which simply allows objects from approved users to send messages to CCS users, even if that object is illegitmate, nothing in API 3.0 can even talk to CCS without having a valid, database resident profile for the object. So if someone has one of my prims, and is trying to send API commands or dynchan strings with that simply will not work at all, because that object is not registered with the API system and resident on the CCS database. This means far more security in regards to lack of potential for exploit linked to API usage, so not only are all legitimate weapons becoming more "balanced" the chance for illegitimate objects "cheating" in CCS combat is cut down to nearly impossible.

API 3.0 also internally controls "weapon stacking" by pre-defining how many "hands" or damage sources, are in use, when using a certain type of weapon. If you have two API 3.0 swords equipped, then attempt to attach another API weapon to "stack" the weapon, the API in the 3rd weapon will "know" that you already have two weapons attached, and will auto-detach itself.

So in large part, the new API brings in a new era of legitimate "enhancement" to CCS combat itself. The weapons themselves are "fair" because everyone has to develop under the same limitations. There is no chance for someone to use a rogue API object to "cheat" in CCS combat, and we've completely removed the potential to "stack" API objects to exploit in CCS combat as well.

So thats more or less the "short" version of what API 3.0 is doing and what its going to mean to the player base.

If you'd like to discuss the API or ask questions about it, please feel free to add your thoughts in the API 3.0 Discussion Thread on the forum.
CCSHey all I worked some bug issues with Melanie over the weekend and we're working on getting the 1.0.5 update out as soon as possible.

I also stated in the forums that I expected to have the 1.0.5 update out no later than Tuesday of this week and then was politely reminded by my family that its Thanksgiving and they sort of expect me to show up for dinner.

So as you might expect as much as I'd love to knock out a meter release on the date I stated in the forums, you might understand that I don't have any intentions of spending a 14 hour day in SL dealing with post release support work when I'm supposed to be spending time with my family. And I don't expect this of CCS Admins or GMs either.

So I'll be releasing the 1.0.5 update after Thanksgiving, no specific date specified but fairly soon. I've got a fair block of free time to finish polishing off the fixes we did and do a nice full race/class balance analysis after Thanksgiving, so going to hold off for a little bit on this release til then.

Appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. And have a happy holiday for those of you celebrating one this week.
CCSHey all just an update since people are apparently reading our posting from September and drawing direct hard line dates of release from it.

My approximation of completion for API 3.0 and CCS 1.0.5 by October has been offset by some unforeseen events in Real Life™. Melanie has had some issues with time and availability over the last several months, Maldoror has completed most of API 3.0's system interface and we're currently waiting on input on that from Melanie.

I have implemented several fixes in for CCS 1.0.5 but I am also holding on Melanie to do a summary overhaul based on what I've fixed and to address a couple of issues with how the meter intepreter talks to the CCS database.

Overall while I was hoping for October, we've slipped past that and it was due to situations beyond our control. Please remain patient while we continue to work on getting these updates finalized. And please keep in mind that I'm also working on a major technical revamp of the CoLA sim while doing all this plus taking care of the community in world. Its a busy end of the year all around, so please understand that while I may have been hopeful we'd have completed our intended updates by the end of October, the updates will take a bit longer before we are ready to push them live.

My apologies for any inconvenience. And thank you for your patience and understanding.
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