What the stats do

Strength - Strength controls the players overall melee damage output.

Fortitude - Fortitude controls the bonus to a characters overall Health.

Endurance - Endurance controls the bonus to a characters overall Stamina

Intelligence - Intelligence increases damage output for caster offensive abilities, and healer healing abilities as well as giving all players a level of resistance to skills used against them

Willpower - Determines a characters overall chance to resistance a status effect placed on them by another player.

Perception - Perception controls the players ability to dodge incoming ranged attacks and damage.

Finesse - Finesse controls the players ability to dodge incoming melee attacks.

The maximum value for each statistic is 100.


Players start with points as follows:

  • 15 points for each of the above seven statistics
  • 20 points that depend on the player's class
  • 10 points that the player allocates at will

This makes a total of 135 points. Players then receive 5 points each time they level. As a result, a player at level N will have 130+5*N points


Calculating melee damage Melee damage is calculated by taking a base value calculated from the player's strength, adding any active buffs, and multiplying the result by a class specific multiplier. For tanks the multiplier increases as health decreases: this is called the adamant bonus.

Calculating max life Max life is calculated at each level. Max life is increased by a base value and an additional value based on fortitude. Racial based fortitude points are always applied, but points applied by the player either on character creation or on levelling are capped to a value which increases with level. The cap has the effect that in the early stages of a character increase in max life will be heavily dependent on racial bonus points, but as the player levels player choices will have a greater effect until eventually all the player assigned points are used.

Calculating max stamina The rules for fortitude and max life apply also to endurance and max stamina

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