Can I delete my sheet?

If you are leaving second life and/or CCS there is no particular reason to delete your sheet, though if you have database access please ensure that your access is closed.

If you want to startover without a respec, deleting your sheet is an option. Because this involves loss of all xp, it's likely only to be an option for low level players,

The delete button on the profile page has been removed. To delete your sheet, please ask a database GM for help.

In some circumstances we can recover settings for deleted players. We will normally only do this if your record is deleted by accident or fraud. Please consider very carefully before asking a GM to delete your record, as in most circumstances you will not be able to reverse your decision.


How do I change the color of the meter text?

Use the command /9 color <r,g,b> where <r,g,b> is an RGB color code. r g and b describe how much red, green, blue are present in the color, with 0 meaning none and 255 meaning maximum. For example red is <255,0,0> You can work out color codes using the sl editor. Edit something, select the Texture tab and then click on the box that says Color. A color selector appears. Find the color you want and you can read r g and b off from the top three boxes.


How do I get a respec by roleplay?

First ask your sim admin about this, because rules differ. Most sim admins will suggest how long the roleplay should last and will want to know what its topic will be. Once your roleplay is complete, you need to submit logs, so make sure you have chat logging on. Collect all the logs together and use the log cleaner at to remove unwanted material such as timestamps. Submit the log in whatever format required. Assuming your respec is agreed the sim admin should contact a CCS admin to have the respec marked on your sheet,


How do I join CCS support?

  1. Copy the following line and paste it in chat:
  2. Press enter
  3. Look in the chat record and instead of the stuff you typed you will see a clickable link called CCS Support
  4. Click it
  5. Press the JOIN NOW! button at the top of the group profile. The cost of 50l is to deter spammers and is refunded to group members in occasional random tiny payments.


How do I start using CCS?

(i) Get a meter from a distribution point. All CCS sims have them: if you are having trouble finding one teleport to this url. (ii) Attach the meter. You will be prompted to visit a website and register. (iii) That's all!


How do I use function keys on the Mac?


Under the KEYBOARD & MOUSE (Hardware)

Go to KEYBOARD - first panel (there are 5)

CHECK BOX - "Use all F1, F2 ect keys as standard function keys"



Go back to SL and ACTIVATE required Gestures


I can't get a meter from the distributor

Distributors are like vendors, they require communication between sims and so are often slow. Try another sim. If that doesn't work, check that you haven't muted Suzanna Soyinka. Don't assume you would never do that because you don't know her or have never quarreled with her or whatever, in fact it's very easy to mute someone accidentally by clicking on an object they own, and Suzanna owns most of the COLA build.


I can't see any controls on the registration/level up page

This is usually because you are using Internet Explorer version 6, which had a highly non-standard implementation of CSS. On registration you can see the race pictures but not the controls to select them. Switching away from IE6 will solve it, if you are really determined not to update to a later IE, use the internal browser.


I can't drag skills when trying to respec.

Internet Explorer 9 is incompatible with the version of drag and drop used by the web pages. You will need to use another browser.


I don't see any menus!

There are two possible causes.

  1. There is a memory leak in the menu system in 1.0.4 that will be fixed in 1.0.5. This causes the menu system to give a script error after a certain number of SELECT skills have been used. Once this has happened all you can do is take a fresh meter.
  2. In Viewer 3.1 and above there is a new Block button menus. If you inadvertently press this for a CCS menu you will see no more menus until you unblock it,


I lost some xp!

There are several reasons your xp may go down rather than up. (i) You are docked by a GM. This will be recorded on your player sheet. (ii) You failed to answer a CAPTCHA in time. When this happens the meter will run backwards until you detach it, even if you satisfy the drone that you are active. (iii) The database failed to record your xp. Data is saved to the database at intervals, and when you leave sl you lose any xp that has accumulated since the last save. This is by design and the amounts involved will usually be pretty small, though if the database goes offline for a long period they may mount up. Staff cannot restore xp lost for any of these reasons. If you believe you have lost a large amount of xp for some other reason - enough to affect your level - speak to an admin in your sim.


I messed up my respec (e.g. didn't take any skills)

First note that your open respec is not cancelled until you press the final button, at which point all data is saved. If (as seems to happen unexpectedly often) your PC crashes during a respec nothing will be saved so all you need do is start again.

If you press the wrong button and commit an obviously hopeless respec then ask IMMEDIATELY in CCS support. Staff will reopen respecs under these circumstances provided they are reported right away.

If a few weeks after your respec you decide that your allocation of points was sub-optimal, forget it. Correct your point allocation as you level or wait until the next respec, staff will not edit your stats or skills just because you don't like them any more.


I registered but the meter thinks I didn't.

Did you register using Viewer 2? Viewer 2 tries to add a ? to your name when you register, so you end up registered as, say, Monty Python? and not Monty Python. This happens with the internal browser and with external browsers. Register again and this time look carefully at the box that appears asking if you want to visit a website. It has an OK button and a link. Use the button not the link. If you find this works please let a database GM know so we can delete the incorrect registration. [This is fixed now]


I see a CAPTCHA dialog but it doesn't tell me which button to press.

This note covers all CAPTCHA problems including seeing the answer but not the dialog and not seeing either. Second Life viewer/server communications are "lossy", in other words, there is no mechanism to ensure that all data sent from one is received by the other or to resend data that has somehow got lost. Any chat data or dialog can get lost in this way. If you find it happens to you a lot, you should check the package loss statistics in the Viewer about dialog; there are ways you can alter the viewer to minimize the problem, but none of them are specific to CCS. After any CAPTCHA failure (whether or not a drone has appeared) you should reattach the CCS meter as soon as possible.


My CCS meter detached!

CCS meters can't be used higher than 2000m. CCS sim admins are aware of this, so any roleplay areas will be lower than 2000m.


What browser should I use to access the CCS web pages?

The pages use a library called JQuery, which is very widely used and one of whose purposes is to allow developers to write Javascript code that ports between all major browsers. For that reason you should be able to use pretty well any browser. Internet Explorer 6 has some display issues and should be avoided. IE9 is also currently not supported. If you are having troubles with your browser, the first thing to try is clearing the browser cache. This will remove any stale data that may be causing problems. The browser cache is not the same thing as the Second Life cache, even if you are using the internal browser. Clearing the second Life cache may well improve your enjoyment of Second Life and CCS in many ways but will not have any effect on web access. If you use Internet Explorer make sure you have compatibility mode switched off.


What can I do if my question isn't answered here?

  1. If the question is support related (e.g. why are all my HUD lights red?) then the best place to ask is in the CCS Support second life group. See separate question for how to join,
  2. If the question relates to a particular sim and the sim has a group (for example, the COLA chain uses City of Lost Angel's) ask there
  3. If the question is about an API item ask the maker, using their support group if they have one.
  4. If you are just curious ask in CCS Chat. The CCS Chat group allows question of any kind, and membership is free.
  5. If no-one can help you you can post a question in the CCS section of the forums.

Things not to do:

  1. IM Suzanna Soyinka or anyone else with a moderator tag who happens to be online. If you really need to contact admins direct, pass a notecard.
  2. Start discussions on topics that interest you (is SLAP-4 better than HAMMER-5?) in CCS Support. CCS Support is for system status issues and other urgent support problems.
  3. Shout in the forum shoutbox. This isn't what it's for.


What version of Java do I need?

You don't need any version of Java at all. The web pages use Javascript, not Java; they are completely different things. Javascript is build into your browser, you don't need to (and can't) install it separately.


When I finish levelling/respec I get a security breach logged

There are several possible causes.

  • If you are a Lycan between level 20 and 25 and selected Rage - IV as a skill, the web page miscalculates your skill entitlement and the level will fail. Speak to a database GM to get this sorted out. [Fixed now]
  • You took too long. After a while the temporary store that allows the website to remember you between pages expires, Try again.
  • Other network problems occasionally cause this issue. Wait for a while and then try again; your respec or level will still be available. If the problem persists speak to a database GM


When I level all I see is a message telling me not to refresh the page

This almost always means you have Javascript disabled. It must be enabled for the CCS web pages to work.


When I try to access the website to level I see a blank screen and get a timeout message

This is usually a routing issue and will clear fairly fast. Copy the access url to support staff and ask them to test it from their own computer: if they can access the site properly the problem is almost certainly routing. If you are able to change your IP address by moving computer, try that (changing a dynamic address by reconnecting is unlikely to help). Report to an admin if it lasts more than a day.


When I try to melee I just slide around and the controls behave oddly.

Viewer 3.1 changed the default handling of mouse click to mean go to the point clicked. This breaks scripted control handling, which is how the meter detects melee.

Go to Preferences/Move & View and set the last two controls to No action.


When I try to register, level or get my profile, the dialog to visit the website doesn't appear

This is a Viewer-2 issue. In the current version of Viewer-2 it's possible to block yourself; for example, if you own a landmark giver and you click Block when it gives you a landmark, you have blocked yourself. This means you will not see any llLoadUrl prompts from objects you own. Find the block list and remove yourself. Self blocking will be removed in a future Viewer-2 release.


Who do I go to for help?

First and foremost, go to a GM in the sim you're in or the sim admins of that sim. Sim admins have extensive database access and can solve most problems. They can also contact CCS admins for help if necessary.

You should also join the CCS Support group (see separate question); Yo


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