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DescriptionA dark magic, Life Tap drains the target of a portion of its life, and gives it to the caster, this discipline is shared between casters and the healers of the darker races.
RacesSpecter, Myrmidon, Defiler, Arcanist, Werelock, Cabalist, Magus, Diablerist, Thaumaturge, Eidolon, Acolyte, Diviner, MindRender, Shaman, Shade
Target methodSELECT (20.000 m.)
Cost for use126 STAMINA
Damage dealt184 LIFE
Damage healed
Status effect on targetWEAK (15.000 sec.)
Extra effectsUser gains 640 life
Reuse timer20.000 sec.
Intelligence factor0.1

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