CCSSo its come to my attention that theres a TON of people screaming about "meter bugs" during combat lately and I've been wondering what it was about as the reports weren't all that clear. Finally today someone sent me an actual log which showed the problem and I'm sort of just doing a /facepalm here.

Heres the bug:

[14:05] ?ady ?hibari (alegria.vita) shouts: [14:00] ?ady ?hibari (alegria.vita) grita: ((!!!CCS - MTR - 1.0.3: !!!CCS - MTR - 1.0.3 [script:*CCS_MTR_Menu_Engine] Script run-time error
!!!CCS - MTR - 1.0.3: Stack-Heap Collision >>> MTR Bug!!)) >>> BACK! ))

Now look at the script thats erroring. MTR_Menu_Engine...what does MTR_Menu_Engine do? It populates TARGETS to menus allowing you to use your CCS against people you are fighting.

What does it not do? It doesn't accept non-standard characters. Ergo all these UTF-8 characters people are using as "display names" to make themselves look "elite", they're basically retarding their own ability to use CCS. The CCS Targeting menu doesn't accept anything but standard characters A through Z, 1 through 0...thats it.

So your "meter bug" is basically people doing something silly with a Linden feature added with Viewer 2...and then blaming CCS for being "buggy" when CCS isn't designed to recognize UTF-8 characters. If you don't want to deal with "meter bugs" then stop spelling your name as: ??????? ???????

CCS wasn't designed to interpret Latin people. Seriously. LOL even the website can't intepret the Latin and UTF-8 characters people are using, anyways the question marks are all non-standard UTF-8/Latin characters. Stop using them and you stop getting "Meter bugs".
#1 | Cathbad on April 07 2011 15:41:11
Actually it is not this kind of MTR bug that makes us complaining so much. I never saw this error that it is shown on the text above because I use normal characters to write my name.

There is a bug with the cooldowns. Suddenly we just cant cast any skill for even and ever. Some times the bug stacks just 1 cooldown so when we use other kinda of skill, the stuck one just comes up back. But when we have the three cooldowns stuck at the same time, we can do nothing beyond reattach the MTR.

Beyond it, if we spam the shortkeys during the cooldown we can cause some kind of bug also. With the lag, it happens a lot since sometimes you need to press the shortkey a bit longer to make it works. So, even without spamming the botton, we see a icon bug above our avatar and the skills just dont work anymore.

I think these both are the really most common kind of bug.
#2 | Dux on April 07 2011 16:01:57
I would have thought the CCS meter detects on the user name and not the display name, atleast that would be a way around not reading pig latin and 7331 speak
#3 | Suzanna Soyinka on April 07 2011 16:50:00
Not at the moment Dux, unfortunately, last version of CCS was pushed before Display Names came out so its not currently geared to ignore display name when populating target menus.

Its something we're going to have to adjust for in the next push. As its the meter that populates and reads that data for menus I can't do a server side hotfix to address this, I'm conferring with Melanie on possible options but this will likely take a script level fix to address.
#4 | alienore Azalee on April 08 2011 00:57:50
well .... This is an explanation to these bug meter, however, let me make some remarks, I'm heal and ... this kind of bug has appeared before the activation of the display name, unless my memory playing tricks on me. Furthermore take a poll and ask between healer and DPS that meeting such as bug meter ..... but I have an idea of the answer, when you will fight you will see very rarely a DPS with meter bug. Personally when I fight and i have a meter bug, if the fight is long in general bug meter starts all the 20 minutes and i do not use display name (so others use probably) .... and I think that this is not the only reason this bug (I'm talking about the bug with script error, not the problem of skill that are blocked).
I hope that despite my basic English I could make myself understood, because I wanted to express this point that I think is important about this.Wink
#5 | Araitz on April 08 2011 02:02:43
I am angel Seraphim, i don't use these characters and when i use the redeem many times i have a meter bug. And this problem happens to us all that we seraphim. So i think that not only is the problem of characters
#6 | Mogul13 Asp on April 08 2011 03:04:32
#7 | Blacks Munster on April 09 2011 12:02:43
As Lover and the others said this is NOT the meter bug we all have problems with. When you look at the script error it says " to many Http requests " I have the " idea " that it has something to do with the translators we wear , just my idea.
#8 | Azure Prower on April 11 2011 01:04:39
All those special characters used to be cool back in 1998.

Now it's just lame.
#9 | KTR on April 12 2011 13:50:13
Not that I'm using latin characters, but those "special" characters might be senseful for latinamerican and/or most european players. Not only roman languages like Spanish, Portuguese or French use "special" characters, but also German, Polish, Romanian... Not to speak of Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek or Russian.

IMO, CCS not recognizing UTF-8 characters is understandable because it's probably due to technical DB reason, but I'd treat those "special" characters and the people using them with a little more respect. It's not that people using them are silly, it's just that they did not know about technical limits of the system.

My say...
#10 | John Zelin on April 13 2011 08:13:19
Major facepalm indeed, but at you however. The current version of CCS was indeed pushed out before display names went into effect, and as such, skill menus are populated with LEGACY names. That's people's old <firstname> <lastname> for those who registered prior to display names, and <username> Resident for those who registered since then. Neither lagacy names nor usernames can contain anything but letters and numbers (A-Za-z0-9).

It was introduced in such a way after all that scripts never noticed any change, and could get user and display names through new LSL methods specifically introduced for this purpose. So no, these meter bugs do not come from this and in fact, the example you quoted points at a wholly different issue, at least in this case. Namely the CCS_MTR_Menu_Engine script, in simplified terms, running out of memory.

Additionally, SL has always stored data encoded into UTF-8, and LSL scripts handle it natively. If your php scripts and database aren't written to support it, this is an architectural design error and people have a perfectly valid reason to complain if it causes issues. To use the same kind of tone as you used in your post, "We're not living in the 70's anymore where all we had was us-ascii, LOL"

No, that has nothing to do with any translators you use. HTTP requests from scripts are throttled per-object/attachment, not per avatar or per script. The issue is CCS doesn't make sure it doesn't send out too many HTTP requests, which is compounded by the fact that any time you press a hotkey it'll trigger an http request, making it as easy as spamming your hotkey to cause too many requests in too short a time-frame which will cause the simulator to block all following requests for some time and throw the error you quoted.
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