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CCS NetworkFew things all.

I am probably going to revamp the site at some point, this old fusion system is a bit dated and I think we need to move to something a bit more efficient. I'll save all the community images before I do that.

I am looking to do some system updates by the end of 2016, to somewhere in mid January 2017 if possible....I've been face down in my RL job since about July of 2015 now getting dug in and busy with a large merger that finally goes fully live December 2nd in my region.

That aside there are still some things I want to do, as much as I was considering stepping back from SL and CCS, I think there are still to many things I need to do before I'll feel good about scaling back into a chairman role and focusing on the next iteration of SL.

So...theres some stuff in the works....expect random, unexpected, but relatively pleasant things to occur.
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