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CCS NetworkCCS 1.0.6 - Release 08/06/2015

I've been kind of debating on whether to hold off on updating til we have the API ready and everything else but at this point I think its probably better to do small incremental updates when we can as opposed to waiting for ages to do huge updates that simply frustrate people.

Bug Fixes:
- Streamlined combat communications for better channel usage. This should improve combat performance but we cannot foresee every potential occurrence so this issue will be one of continued focus while we work through upcoming updates.
- Fixed a problem with inter-object communication
- Fixed an on_rez issue with region data

- Added 1st Person Melee; you may toggle First Person Melee on in the CCS Main Menu

Features Held Back:

- IFF AOE: This feature needs more time in the oven before we add it to the game meta, I am still working on it.

1.0.7 is in development, even though I am releasing 1.0.6, so expect another update within a few months.

Also, I issued a free respec issued to everyone because why not.
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