CCS NetworkHey everyone.

As a method of helping to support the network, we have decided, at the suggestion of many players, GMs and sim owners, to allow for respecs and character transfers to be purchased.

Let me be clear about a couple of things first. Free respecs will still be given on game updates. Respecs are still attainable for free if you RP for them. And new players always start with one respec available so they can change their race/class after learning a bit about the game. Nothing changes about those situations.

Character transfers were put on hold due to us discovering massive fraudulent accounts being transfered that were actually bot camped accounts that people bought from other users....our basic stance on this from now is that if you want to do that...go ahead, the violation of the Second Life TOS is your problem..but if you're going to pay someone else for a high level account, you might as well be paying us for the right to move that XP somewhere.

So here is the basic breakdown on pricing and how you can purchase the services to help support CCS.

Respec's are a flat rate cost of L$5000 and can be purchased on demand by contacting She Juniper or Seb Contepomi (at the moment some of our other senior staff have RL issues so they're not currently listed as contacts), you can also contact me personally, Suzanna Soyinka, for this service.

The process is simple, you pay Suzanna Soyinka L$5000, and then paste the transaction info from your chat log to the person you've contacted to set up the respec.

Respecs found to be issued erroneously, or issued based on faked transaction data will be revoked and of course you may face a potential ban if you exploit this service. So, please don't be silly about it. If you want a free respec, wait for one to be issued by the network, or RP for one..don't try to cheat CCS while pretending to try to support it.

XP Transfers:

XP Transfers can be done by the same individuals listed above. The policy on XP transfers is now literally changed to no questions asked. If someone contends that you illegally accessed their account and transferred their XP, the account compromise issue is something that Linden Labs will sort out, but on our side, the transferred account will immediately be frozen until Linden Labs resolves the dispute, so...please don't do this okay?

The costs for this are tiered by level and are as follows:
Level 1 - 10: XP Transfers are Free
Level 11 - 20: L$2500
Level 21 - 29: L$5000
Level 30 - 49: L$10000
Level 50 - 69: L$15000
Level 70 - 90: L$25000

- Once a transfer is completed there are NO REFUNDS... if you later decide it was a mistake, the original account cannot be restored unless the appropriate fee has been paid again

- The XP of the origin account is ZEROED out and subsequently deleted in favor of the transfer to the new account.

- The XP points REPLACE the new account´s XP value: they are NOT ADDED.

- If it is later found that the accounts were obtained in a fraudulent manner, the XP transfer will be reversed WITHOUT REFUND, and may be subject to the cancellation and/or ban of the transferred account.

So just some basic info on services we've decided to offer to allow you all that enjoy the CCS Network to help us keep it on the grid for you. None of these are compulsory charges and you're not required to utilize any of them, but they're there if you want to use them and they can help the CCS Network to continue to pay the bills associated with providing the service we provide to the Second Life Grid.

Hope this has been helpful and clarified the new services being offered and why we're offering them.

Peace all, and have fun!
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