CCS NetworkExcept there is no debate, merely a poll for you to vote on.

Now believe me I know people will want to discuss why they think so and so weapon developer is out of bounds but please, lets not start a forum discussion on the situation. Simply vote and let me see what the data is without the white noise of arguments and differences in opinion.

In other news this will largely be irrelevant very soon, API 3.0 will be going into beta testing within the next week and our most active developers will be the first to get their hands on it and help us shape it to be the helpful, self balancing system it was designed to be. Maldoror Bowman, an API developer himself, and a member of the CCS Development Team, is heading up the efforts to polish off the 3.0 API for beta testing, and once its passed muster, it will be set up with digital signature security and pushed to the live developer market.

And in other note, the reason I didn't list all 45 licensed developers in the poll is because I wanted to concentrate on developers with multiple weapons in the market, and not all of our 45 developers are active weapon developers, some develop RP enhancement aids, others only have one weapon that is CCS enhanced, so I just listed out the major market developers on the list to get an idea from the players what they think.

Thanks for taking the time to vote, and regardless of who you vote for, the new regime is coming soon! The API is dead! All Hail the API! (3.0)
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