CCS NetworkIt might be because over the last two months of us notifying people over and over about the new payment system and ensuring that people got new units and everything got swapped over for the August 1st transition, a lot of sims appear to have completely not gotten the news and they may be inactive as of this time as all sims that have gone beyond 7 days in arrears on payment are now deactivated.

So if your sim isn't online, please feel free to contact me, or She Juniper, or Iliana Shabazz or Naline Yoshikawa in regards to attempting to get up to speed on the addition of the New Payment System to your sim. A few quick exchanges and everything will come back online without any issue.

Any sim that has not sorted out their deactivation by September 1st will be purged from the CCS system and there is a potential risk that your enhanced XP License upgrade could be rendered null and void unless you have a license key on record with CCS Administration that we can easily check in our records.

So please feel free to contact me or She Juniper or Iliana Shabazz or Naline Yoshikawa to sort out any issues with a region you run that you have found no longer CCS active.

Have a great day!
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