CCS NetworkHey all just as a heads up, we've removed the delete button from player profiles.

The reasoning for this is to eliminate an exploit that some no-life individual has been using on occasion to delete 30 or 40 peoples CCS records. Its not occurred too often, but its occurred often enough for us to design a couple different methods of addressing it.

We did create a password protection system for your profile, but we decided that would confuse people, and they wouldn't understand why their profile was asking them to set a password. Also adding a password field for your profile just adds something else for someone to try to hack into, so we decided to just remove the delete function entirely.

Most players don't need that function, low level players that aren't sure what race they want to be might use it on occasion, but if a low level player needs their record deleted so they can try a different race, then they can ask a GM to do that. Players that no longer wish to play CCS can simply stop playing CCS, no reason to delete the record.

And overall it stops a low tech URL string exploit from putting people's data at risk.

To explain, the process of someone deleting your record from your profile is a fairly indepth process that requires someone to spend a lot of time to get a certain piece of data, then then use a web browser and use a profile link, put your name in and your CCS ID data into it, and it allows them to access your profile. And thats the reason why its only 30 or 40 people at best any time it occurs, it takes a fair amount of time for the exploiter to get it done.

Last night we had another of these URL manipulation attacks hit 30 or so players, we restored all records immediately to their state prior to deletion so no player data has been lost.

And now some malcontent can't just pull up your profile and delete you either and it takes a lot less development work than creating some kind of wild dynamic unique ID that changes every time you query our server, which would cost more time than its really worth with the other projects we're currently invested in.

So, no more delete button on your profile, if you need your record deleted, contact a local GM for the sim you're in. Thank you.
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