CCS NetworkHey all, getting a lot of IM's about respecs and the like so just wanted to take some time to update everyone on the state of development.

We're looking to have CCS 1.0.5 out by the end of October, it is our hope that this will coincide with our revamp of the CCS API system, switching it over to API 3.0.

All major system updates, which we do about every 90 days, always end with a free respec that you can choose to use when you want, or a mandatory respec you must use immediately if major changes are made that the entire game base must adapt to, then a free respec is issued a week or two after that.

We have a lot of irons in the fire as we work on the new CoLA mesh rebuild, and we work on CCS 1.0.5 and API 3.0, we've also got some player security features going into CCS that will make peoples CCS data harder to access by anyone but the actual player....and a bunch of meter performance and security fixes as well.

So don't get all angsty out there, we've got a lot of work going on behind the scenes and we expect you'll have it all in your hands by Halloween.

So have RP, have fun, and enjoy yourselves, we've got fixes and new toys on the way for the holidays.
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