Just a quick look at what mesh can do when you're not even really trying. These are some random meshes designed by Chaos that we've thrown together in the rebuild sim for the Mesh RC test.

Mesh RC test is tonight at 9:00PM PST, at the CoLA Lost Angels sim.

We're looking to get as much help as we can with stress testing the situation.

Please keep in mind that the build you see during this test and in this picture are not indicative of the final CoLA rebuild that we're working on, this is just a single street recopied over and over to max out region resources for testing purposes.

Hope to see you there tonight at 9pm SL Time! Get the mesh project test viewer at the following Link
#1 | Kenta on July 28 2011 07:23:34
Wow... I am really stunned by the visuals. Sadly I won't be able to get online and see it.
#2 | Dux on July 28 2011 08:24:00
O.O wow talk about change in looks, I cant wait to see when SL is done implementing Mesh
#3 | StormyWilde on July 28 2011 08:56:45
Thats insane. This test is on the beta server? I keep hearing mixed things on mesh right now.
#4 | Maljai_Jhamin on July 28 2011 09:00:08
wow. I so gonna have to learn how to build using mesh now Smile
#5 | Suzanna Soyinka on July 28 2011 09:22:48
This is on the live Agni grid, on the CoLA Lost Angels sim which is south of the main LA chain.
#6 | StormyWilde on July 28 2011 09:25:24
Yeah I realized that right after I closed the page. Thanks Suz.
#7 | Krynch Picnic on July 28 2011 09:40:47
WOW nice,, I have to try this new viewer and mesh today
#8 | Sloan McCoy on July 28 2011 10:28:54
/me just might swoop in
#9 | Pelki on July 29 2011 00:21:23
this might only be a beta, but if these graphics are at all indicative of the final product, then I am stunned.
Wish I could have been there~.
#10 | Honza Noyes on July 31 2011 02:28:27
It looks pretty cool..However I would like to see some meter updates too Pfft
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