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Gamma Wave Games News

Gamma Wave Games was originally established in 2006 by Second Life users Suzanna Soyinka (Designer, City of Lost Angels/Angels Respite), and Jora Welesa(LCK Open Source System) to provide an advanced role play combat system for the users of the Second Life grid environment in support of the wildly popular City of Lost Angel's role play gaming community.

The Community Combat System ©2006 - 2014, expanded and refined itself as a project since that time, with the additional help of Second Life user Melanie Milland. And expanded wildly over time until the current day, servicing well over 300 simulators in Second Life and providing a persistent and managed role playing experience for hundreds of thousands of players in Second Life since first being released.

Gamma Wave Games, LLC, is a privately held company and does not accept outside investment or venture capital at this time.

GWG Developers CoLA/CCS Dev Team QA Group Global Community Advisors

Lead Designer
Suzanna Soyinka

Lead Programmer
Melanie Milland

Engine Developer
Jora Welesa

SQL Development
Jora Welesa
Melanie Milland
Czar Sadofsky

PHP/Web Team
Suzanna Soyinka
Jora Welesa
Melanie Milland
Stormy Wilde
Maldoror Bowman

LSL/Mono Team
Jora Welesa
Melanie Milland
Suzanna Soyinka

2D/3D Art Design
Suzanna Soyinka
Stormy Wilde

System Resources
Suzanna Soyinka

External Resources
Sloan McCoy
Eata Kitty

QA Lead
Ashes Arizona

She Juniper
Titlacachaun Zeritonga
Charissa Korvin
Eianna Cale
Sam Troell
Taien Foulon
Scarlet Singer
Castalia Darkstone
Juicy Redstar
Jessicka Graves
Grey Blankes

Community Manager
She Juniper

English Community Advisors
She Juniper
Titlacahuan Zeritonga
Castalia Darkstone
Scarlet Singer

Spanish Community Advisors
Iliana Shabazz
Seb Contepomi
Scarlet Singer

European Community Advisors
Lexou Joubert
Trynity Vuckovic
Cross Voight

CCS NetworkFew things all.

I am probably going to revamp the site at some point, this old fusion system is a bit dated and I think we need to move to something a bit more efficient. I'll save all the community images before I do that.

I am looking to do some system updates by the end of 2016, to somewhere in mid January 2017 if possible....I've been face down in my RL job since about July of 2015 now getting dug in and busy with a large merger that finally goes fully live December 2nd in my region.

That aside there are still some things I want to do, as much as I was considering stepping back from SL and CCS, I think there are still to many things I need to do before I'll feel good about scaling back into a chairman role and focusing on the next iteration of SL.

So...theres some stuff in the works....expect random, unexpected, but relatively pleasant things to occur.
CCS NetworkCCS 1.0.6 - Release 08/06/2015

I've been kind of debating on whether to hold off on updating til we have the API ready and everything else but at this point I think its probably better to do small incremental updates when we can as opposed to waiting for ages to do huge updates that simply frustrate people.

Bug Fixes:
- Streamlined combat communications for better channel usage. This should improve combat performance but we cannot foresee every potential occurrence so this issue will be one of continued focus while we work through upcoming updates.
- Fixed a problem with inter-object communication
- Fixed an on_rez issue with region data

- Added 1st Person Melee; you may toggle First Person Melee on in the CCS Main Menu

Features Held Back:

- IFF AOE: This feature needs more time in the oven before we add it to the game meta, I am still working on it.

1.0.7 is in development, even though I am releasing 1.0.6, so expect another update within a few months.

Also, I issued a free respec issued to everyone because why not.
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