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Gamma Wave Games NewsHeya all and welcome to the new site, we've got a lot of new features here so it might take a little getting used to. First thing you'll want to do as you register is ensure that you're actually in Second Life when you register so you can choose to associate your SL Avatar with your Website Account. This allows you access to a lot of the advanced functionality of the site such as Player Blogging/Sim Owner Admin Page News/CCS 3rd Party Developer Blogs and Black Market News access/Posting Events and much much more.

This is also our way of ensuring the site doesn't get filled with spam-bots as spam bots that register don't have much access to anything except the forums which will immediately flag them out and make them easy to remove.

There is a TON of information available in the CoLA and CCS Section, including, in the CCS Section a full and accurate to the minute of a database change description of ALL CCS skills in the system at this time.

So welcome to the new home of the CoLA and CCS Community, I hope you enjoy the site.
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