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  • Downloading and using cracked executables that bypass the functionality of any SL viewer, be it the Linden Lab SL viewer or any popular Third Party Viewer is a serious risk to the security of your account. It really doesn't matter if the person distributing says its "100% safe", it doesn't matter if your virus scanner says its is not a threat to your computer. Chances are extremely high, when using an uncertified executable that you are going to end up severely compromising the security of your computer, your personal information and potentially expose your home, or work networks, to the same compromised security.

  • Suffice it to say, whatever these cracked executables pretend to offer you as far as advantages over other users in Second Life, or in CCS, are irrelevant because both Linden Labs and the CCS Development team have developed system security metrics which will catch almost 99% of what you're trying to get away with anyways, so risking your Second Life account, your personal computer security and the security of your personal information simply isn't worth it. short, we advise that you only use officially verified viewers and third party viewers to ensure the security of your account. Be smart. Stay safe...cause you'll get caught anyways. Linden Labs won't be fooled...and neither will we.

    This will probably be Internet 101 for most of you but let me state this again just in case you missed the class.
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