CCS NetworkDue to some increases in server expenses I need to offset the cost of the upgrades/increases in some manner and since I don't like to ask for money without giving something in return, for the months of July to the end of September we'll be doing a temporary change to the double XP policy along with a sale.

From July to September you can now schedule double XP for your sim chains twice in one 30 day period.

Sim chains that purchase 3 days will get a 4th day free.

As per usual all double XP scheduling for any chain in CCS must have at least 7 days between the last active date and the start of the next double XP period.

This will last for the next 90 days or so til I've been able to offset the cost of the server upgrades. After we've been able to cover the upgrade costs, we'll return to normal double XP policy.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and have fun.

As per usual you can schedule double XP through myself, or She Juniper by contacting us in Second Life.
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