Gamma Wave Games NewsHey all I've been quiet the last few weeks due to hardware issues with my computer.

Took me a bit to actually diagnose the problem down to its actual source. I had thought that my video card was shorting out because every time I'd start a intensive 3D application like 3DS Max or Second Life or any other game the computer would shut itself down and restart with no error message or warning. But normal browsing and email didn't cause any issues.

After putting some money aside I purchased a new video card and installed it, but the problem continued to occur. After some investigation I decided to swap out the power supply for a back up power supply I had and the problem stopped occurring for a day but the back up power supply didn't have enough juice to maintain enough power for all my hardware so I had to replace it with a new one costing me a bit more cash to get a 800 Watt power supply that was up to the demands of my system.

After spending a morning getting everything back into working order it seems like the problem is now addressed, which means of course everything I wasn't able to address from my smart phone is more or less back logged and may take me a little time to get to it. Sorry for any delays in that regard. I've just been doing my best to deal with incoming issues via email so any note cards dropped to my Second Life account haven't been addressed because SL doesn't have a complex smart phone app.

Anyways over next week I should be getting somewhat back to normal and will get any note carded issues addressed. Far as the upcoming CCS update goes Melanie is more or less finished with her side of the update but has had a lot of real life issues to deal with so she hasn't gotten me the finished parts she was working on yet but will soon.

Just an update from my end, as I know things have been quiet from me and people might have been wondering if I'd dropped off the grid.
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