CCSHey all I worked some bug issues with Melanie over the weekend and we're working on getting the 1.0.5 update out as soon as possible.

I also stated in the forums that I expected to have the 1.0.5 update out no later than Tuesday of this week and then was politely reminded by my family that its Thanksgiving and they sort of expect me to show up for dinner.

So as you might expect as much as I'd love to knock out a meter release on the date I stated in the forums, you might understand that I don't have any intentions of spending a 14 hour day in SL dealing with post release support work when I'm supposed to be spending time with my family. And I don't expect this of CCS Admins or GMs either.

So I'll be releasing the 1.0.5 update after Thanksgiving, no specific date specified but fairly soon. I've got a fair block of free time to finish polishing off the fixes we did and do a nice full race/class balance analysis after Thanksgiving, so going to hold off for a little bit on this release til then.

Appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. And have a happy holiday for those of you celebrating one this week.
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