CoLAHeya all, we just spent the whole weekend promoting CoLA and CCS to around 25,000 people to the A-Kon Anime and Gaming Convention in Dallas, Texas.

We had a great time and spent a of time along side Anthony Brownrigg, the director of Archaic Redemption and Emerick Jade, the actress who is playing Jaxxie Jules in the movie and of course general girl wonder extraordinaire, or at least from what we saw of her at the convention.

As you might expect after getting home we were still a bit wound up and it took awhile to get to sleep, but eventually slept like the dead.

I know a lot of people are asking about the second free respec, yes I did mention a few times it would be after the 12th of June, and yes it will be, but I would like everyone to please relax and realize that I'm a human being and I just need a day to recover before we get back to the business of CCS and all that.

So expect the free global respec to be pushed network wide on the 14th, and my availability in world will become more regular then as well. Just need to unwind and get back to normal here.

If you haven't checked it out we got a ton of pictures at the Con and I made several good industry contacts while doing gaming panels at the convention, you can check all that out here at the Official City of Lost Angels Facebook
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