A little something for everyone as a guide to combat ...

I'm going to try and explain the difference between RP combat and CCS combat, how each should be used in a ideal situation. We'll start with CCS combat, sence that is the standard that most of us go by.

CCS combat is tool that is used instead RP combat, it's something that acts out all those emotes for us. So instead of two players, or a group of players typing out:

/me leaps thru the air, diving at you, firing my guns in a blaze of glory that would riddle your body with hot lead...

..that emote would be replaced with the physical actions that CCS allows you to do.

A typical CCS battle, puts into emote form, what would take hours and hours to play out in RP combat, with all the healing, the running, the reloading, the shucking and the jiving. CCS's purpose is to enhance the gameplay and cut the time a RP battle would take, so that people on limited schedules can get past the fight to the more fun roleplay.

This next part is very important...so I want you to read this carefully..

When you're defeated in CCS combat, it's just the same as if you were defeated in a long drawn out RP combat. With your health at 0, you cannot fight back anymore, not thru CCS and not thru roleplay. You are at the mercy of the victor.

With that said, there is of course a chance someone can come save you from whatever horrible fate your exhausted body is about endure at the hands of your captor, until then tho, play along with the defeat. You can't block anything they do, you can't counter against it, you are helpless.

There are going to be times when one player isn't comfortable with how the scene is progressing at that point, in which case there is always the option to fade a scene to black, which both sides usually agree to just void the entire conflict, or jump ahead, skipping the roleplay and saying this is what happened. It's really up to those involved.

Now RP combat. This is used instead of CCS combat, it's something that both parties need to agree upon beforehand OOCly. If someone doesn't agree to RP combat, they still have every right to kill you with CCS if you're wearing your meter. To put it simply. If you prefer RP combat over CCS combat, do not wear a CCS METER.

I'm personally not a fan of RP combat, sence it almost always ends up with each person negating and countering against what their opponant did and it makes things extremely difficult when there is more then two poeple involved. For group combat, CCS is recommended.

There are alot of different styles and ideas on RP fighting, but one constant in it is, that someone has to be willing to concede defeat at some point within the fight. If both sides are after victory, the battle will likely drag out forever and ever, neither side willing to be downed. My recommendation .. is to have the fight, enjoy it and have fun. When you find yourself at a stalemate with your opponant, go OOC, and flip a coin with them, to see who wins and who loses. The loser concedes defeat and roleplays it out from that point on.
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