A little something for everyone as a guide to role playing in general...

When you sit down at your computer and log into SL, think of yourself as an actor in a movie. You're playing the role of your character. Take a second and get into that frame of mind, get INTO character, like an actor would. Now log in and when you get LA, get into the frame of mind, that your character is in a dark city. There's demons, lycans, vampires, muggers, thugs, hookers and druggies all around you.

How would your character act in that setting?

The world may be fantasy, but it follows the same basic rules as the real world. There are people that're stronger then you, there are groups that're going to outnumber you.

How would your character deal with that situation?

Lets say you're fairly new the city .. someone who looks pretty tough is tryin to pick a fight with you, you're pretty sure, that if you fought them, you'd lose. Would your character actually fight them and hope for the best? .. Would you try and bribe them off? .. Would you run and try and get some friends?

Lets say for arguements sake, you decided you'll fight and hope for the best. You get beat of course. Would your character start to bitch about how it's not fair that the person that just beat them is stronger then them? No.. that makes no sence.

Everyone should realize that LA and CCS in general tries it's best to make the game as realistic as possible. Yes it has it's flaws and it's constantly being worked on, but no, it'll never perfect in everyones eyes. So the next time you're defeated in CCS combat, don't fall out of character and use the system itself as an excuse to save your OOC pride and ego. Remember that you're an actor in a great big movie. Play the role of the victim for this scene in the movie... it'll make for a great revenge scene later on.

This is for everyone as a guide, to help in turning a combat situation into roleplay, after the battle is over..

Firstly, I want to explain to everyone, and please read this several times so it's ingrained in your mind. After CCS combat, role play is not required of someone that attacks you and defeats you. It is encouraged and in most cases, it fits. Most players should initiate role play after a battle. However there are certain types of characters like assassins, muggers, insane asylum escapees and douche bags, that aren't going to stick around after the fact.

With that said....

Lets start with the most basic of combat situations. One player, kills another for whatever reason. There are tons of situations that could come of this after the battle is over, from stripping down your victim and stealing their clothes so they have to walk all the way home naked, to tieing them up and inflicting your own brand of torture upon them.... This is pretty basic and if you stretch your imagination, it can create alot of fun for both parties involved. Don't be afraid to discuss the roleplay with your victim, OOC, in IMs.

This next one is something that I see a lot of people having a tough time dealing with. A player defeats you in CCS, they didn't role play anything before or after, they just whooped your ass and ran off. As frustrating as that is OOC, it is something that is very likely to happen in this harsh world. What comes next is all on you.

How would your character react to getting their ass whooped by this unknown?

Was it someone your character has seen before? If so, you can go get revenge upon them, either through combat or through role play.

If you've never seen them before? You can always try and track them down, scouring the city. Or you can involve other players in the role play and ask them if they've seen a guy in a clown suit wielding a steel dildo.. or however he/she was dressed...

Are you hurt badly? .. have you fallen and can't get up? .. Scream for help.. bring others into the scene that way... or drag yourself to the hospital and let someone who is playing doctor, have something to do..

What if you didn't even see them?.. What if you were completely blind sided and they beat you and were off before your character could actually get a good view of them for a accurate description? ... There's almost always other people around, maybe someone saw something, maybe they can tell you who it was.. or which way they were headed. Maybe you'll have to bribe them to get info out of them.. a little role played cash, a quickie blow job in the liquor store bathroom..

The list is really quite endless of what you can do, as long as you can dream it up. Even if you never do manage to catch up with whoever kicked your ass. You'll have had fun role playing off of the incident and spreading that roleplay around to others, who in turn, spread it around themselves..
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