Use of SL Profile Image as Blog Image
Posted by Suzanna Soyinka on March 21 2011 15:02:16
Hey guys, we're seeing some broken links from the LL servers in regards to some profile images. This may be for several reasons.

1)You're using a no copy/no trans image as your SL profile image
2)You're using an image for your SL profile image that exceeds the LL servers dimensional constraints.
3)The Second Life server is just extremely slow in picking up and converting SL Profile Images.

So if you do a blog and you get a broken image link using your SL Profile image link, try uploading an avatar, linking to an external image, or using the No Image option til you can do one or the other.

Theres no way for us to fix a broken link from the SL Image server, if they're not serving an image, regardless if you have one, we can't make them serve it.

Thanks all.