CCS 1.0.5 - The Happening!!!
Posted by Suzanna Soyinka on December 20 2014 13:01:32

CCS 1.0.5 - The Happening

Holy christ these people are lazy. By these people I mean me and Melanie...except that we're not and while its taken a long time to get done, CCS 1.0.5 is finally going to be in your hot little hands. And good gods is this website getting ugly, I really want to rip it out and replace it with a wordpress system...perhaps I will next year. We'll see.

Of course most people will point out that we've been talking about CCS 1.0.5 since 2012 and they'd be largely correct...but a lot of changes in Second Life and in Real Life have happened since the boom years of SL, and this was a very complex update even if we take those changes into account.

Most people will probably look at CCS 1.0.5 and be works just like CCS has always worked, why did that take nearly three years to achieve?

Well for starters:

Overall the major focus on this update has been stability and security. So while it seems like a lot of nothing was done, its best that you understand that the entire system was more or less rewritten from the ground up, with very little financial support. So while its not CCS2, its CCS, just a whole lot better and more secure.

Upcoming plans from here include several things.