On VA and LVS - And Remembrance of Karoline Merlin
Posted by Suzanna Soyinka on March 07 2013 15:35:18
UPDATE: Linden Labs has agreed to leave the sims open until March 9th to allow renters in that sim to retrieve any potential items or objects they wish to recover from the sims before the items are lost for good. If you have irreplaceable objects or simply want to take some pictures of places you liked, in either Lost Vegas South or Vampires Asylum, please get them in the next 24 hours. And thanks to Linden Labs for stretching the closure date to try to be courteous to the community. - Info from Jolene Merlin.

Hey all, as you may have noticed the Vampires Asylum and Lost Vegas South Sims have gone off the grid. This is something we have been putting low key warnings out about for a few months now.

Effectively though, several months ago we received a message from an individual who had come online and stated that Karoline Merlin had died in real life. We were unable to confirm this as a fact so we did not, at the time, push forward with a large effort to memorialize her or to spread the news around because for all we knew it could have simply been someone playing a twisted and rather evil game.

Regardless of that there have been multiple attempts from myself, and Melanie and many other members of the CCS Community to get in touch with Karoline since then, to my knowledge there have been no replies from Karoline to any of them, so as of around December we started giving quiet warnings that there might be a problem with the sims.

Regardless of that, apparently today the sims have gone offline for good according to Linden Labs, further information, of course, is not theirs to give us, but I think its safe to assume that at this time, its entirely possible that the person we knew as Karoline Merlin has passed on.

This is unfortunate as Karoline was fairly young, only in her early 40s to my knowledge, and she worked very hard with CCS for several years, working closely with both the Damnation and CoLA chains, as well as supporting the CCS network in her time with us.

I'm sorry to have to think of her as dying an untimely death, but it seems that this is all we can assume at this time, unless we are otherwise corrected beyond this point.

So, my apologies for not taking a moment to "remember" Karoline before right now, but I simply had no way to know for sure, and did not want to reinforce what could have only been a rumor.

So, if what we believe has happened has truly come to pass.....Rest In Peace, Karoline. And thank you for everything, you were a great help to us and you will be missed.